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Welcome to ATS WEB WORKS

ATS Web Works is a division of Along the Strand Photography and Design, we specialize in affordable Small Business Websites. Our primary goal is to help you take your advertising dollar to the next level.  We all advertise, we all use different forms of advertising but we still advertise. Business cards, newspaper ads, t-shirts, billboards or simple word of mouth, all are forms of advertising and nothing makes these more powerful than adding the address of an informative website.

Take a business card, just about anyone that is serious about their business has a business card. It has your name, your business name, contact information and maybe a nice company logo. By adding your website address that business card can lead someone to more information about you and your business than a full page ad in your favorite publication. 

What is affordable? In recent years, many people have been scared away from websites by the high prices of web developers.  I have seen small web businesses, that offer basically the same services as ATS Web Works, charging almost $1,000.00 for what they called a Basic Small Business Package. Here, at ATS we can cut that price in half and in many cases even more! We offer comprehensive solutions to fit your budget, no hidden fees, no monthly maintenance, just a great looking website at an affordable price.  How do we do it? Simple, many web developers want to charge you an arm and a leg for anything graphic oriented. We are a division of Along the Strand Graphic Design, your graphic work is done in house, not farmed out to an expensive out-sourced artist.  We don't buy templates to build your websites over, we build them from scratch, giving you a unique look and less money invested in your build.  The spinning wheel graphics are a prime example of a simple animated graphic that does not require search engine killing, expensive Flash programing

This website is a prime example of a small compact website. It was purposely designed this way to show you how much information you can put in a small inexpensive packaage.